REVIVAL: Can it be?

In nearly every Evangelical article or blog, you’ll read of the absolute need of revival in the U. S. A.  There have been efforts recently to “orchestrate” a revival, but that’s not the kind we need.  We need to have a revival, not orchestrated by men, but orchestrated by God, the Holy Spirit.

God has shown us, in His Holy Word, 2 Chronicles 7:14, and many other Scriptures exactly how to pray, how to repent, and what he will do if we follow His instructions.

We have abundant examples in the Bible, i.e., the book of Acts, what will happen if we go forth boldly preaching the Word of God.  He has given us a wonderful example of a revival prayer in Daniel 9, by one of the most holy men who ever lived.

He has given us abundant examples in history, i.e., the Great Awakening, the Welsh Revival of 1904, and many others, to show us that these are what the Old Timers called “Holy Ghost” revivals.

For example, Evan Roberts, the human leader (God the Holy Spirit was the real leader) of the Welsh Revival of 1904,5, and 6, prayed, Oh God, Bend Me! Bend Me!  He prayed thus, because he wanted to be conformed totally to the Person of Jesus Christ by the Holy Spirit.  He had no illusion whatever that he was anything special, and in fact, was not a man of great intellectual prowess at all.  Rather, he was an ordinary person who offered himself to God in prayer, and began to pray for revival.  He expected, as George Mueller said, “Great things from God,” and therefore, as Mueller also said, “Attempted Great things for God.”

Out of that great revival, which expanded over the entire world, came great moral and ethical reform.  One of the things, which I find quite amusing, is that the mules they used in the Welsh mines to pull the coal cars, had to be retrained.  The mules were used to being cursed and instructed in the foul vernacular of rough miners.  When most of the miners were converted to Christ, the mules had to be retrained to kind language.  So the miners, in a sense, became linguists for the sake of the mine mules.  Ha.

Another thing, not so amusing if you were a tavern owner, is that many tavern and pub owners went bankrupt for want of customers.  The now Christian miners, realized the devastating effect that their drinking had had on their families, and quit.  Now this is the kind of revival we need today.  Oh, that parents  would stop drugging themselves to the detriment of their children; and most certainly giving the children little choice but to follow them in their debauchery.

My prayer is that all who read this would join me in praying that God would do it again.  That He will send us the Holy Spirit as He did in past revivals; and that He would shake us to the depths of our souls, and Bend us, Bend us, until we are all that He wants us to be as His children.

From one who has been awakened from sinful stupidity,