But Jesus said to him, “No one, having put his hand to the plow, and turning back, is fit for the kingdom of God (Luke 9:62).”

Recently I’ve found an excellent site with many articles on the history of Bohemia (Czechoslovakia), the home of my paternal grandparents.  Bohemia is a land rich in cultural and religious history.  It is the land of Jan Huss, who is often referred to as “The Forerunner of the Reformation.”  Jan Huss was a man who was steeped in the teachings of the Lord, Jesus Christ, and a man who preached the Word of God faithfully, resulting in literally thousands of people coming by grace through faith in Christ to God, the Father, and being saved.  He was brutally murdered; burned at the stake, by the authority of the Roman Catholic Church.  He prayed for his killers as the flames engulfed him, and asked God to forgive them.  The year that this happened was 1415, a full century before Luther, Calvin, Melancton, Zwingli, and others, turned Europe upside down with the marvelous doctrines of free grace.

The Hussites, or the Bohemian Brethren, have a wonderful history.  Some historians claim that much of the teachings which Huss espoused, came from the Waldenses, who dwelt mainly in the Southern part of France in the Piedmont Mountains.  The truth is: Huss’ teachings came directly from the Holy Scriptures, especially as diligently and prayerfully translated and expounded by John Wycliffe.  The ancestors of the Waldenses dated back to before Constantine bought his way into Christendom, making Christianity the religion of the Roman Empire, and ushering in the Dark Ages of Roman Political/Ecclesiastical power.

The desire of the Roman Catholic Church, was to eradicate the Waldenses, and the Hussites; and, through extreme brutality, they did a pretty good job of that.  But, in 1725 Count Nicholas Ludwig von Zinzendorf in Moravia, made a haven for Bohemian Christians on his estate.  There was an immense awakening of the Spirit, and a revival that resulted in missionaries going to nearly every country on earth, including America.  There are Bohemian Brethren yet today, and the Moravian Church is still extant, despite being heavily persecuted down through the centuries.  I am a descendant of Moravian or Bohemian Brethren believers.  My paternal grandmother, though suppressed in her belief by an atheistic spouse, was a Moravian believer.  Nevertheless, I claim no connection to God, except through Jesus Christ, and the salvation that He purchased on Calvary with His very own blood.


My prayer is for a Holy Spirit inspired revival at this present time (2 Chronicles 7:14).  Why is evil so prevalent, and apparently victorious in the world today?  Why, it’s because we who name the Name of Jesus Christ can scarcely agree on a single thing.  Consequently the Church is weak, and has very little moral or ethical influence on the world around it. 

 Jesus is the foundation on which we must stand as Jesus’ Church, and no other (Acts 4:12), or we are not Christians at all.  What is needed is a renewal of absolute abandonment to the Person of Jesus Christ, and to His teachings.  Nothing, absolutely nothing other than that, will suffice.  To that end, I put my hand to the plow!

In Jesus Holy, Precious, and Sovereign Name,

Bill Biza (Bluegill Bill)


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