All of Grace

“All of Grace,” is not a new title, nor is it a new theme: In fact, I may have written something by the same name myself, on this blog heretofore.  Charles H. Spurgeon, the great theologian and preacher, wrote a book years ago by the same title; and I won’t pretend to exceed what he astutely said at that time, for indeed I’m a mere pauper, and he is, as he was called, “The Prince of Preachers.”  My suggestion is, that you obtain Spurgeon’s book and dig its gems for yourself.  You’ll find it full of blessings, as Spurgeon never wrote anything that wasn’t inspired by his study of Scripture.

My purpose now, is rather to share with you of a recent experience, something I’ve come to learn about myself.  Though I’ve been a Christian for a long time; and answered some time ago God’s call to ministry; I have been, nonetheless, a haphazard Christian, with “fightings and fears, within without.”  This has resulted in a (for want of a better word),  backslidden state in which I’ve wallowed for the last several years.  I’ve become sloppy, fearful, depressed, and just plain mean, and hateful.  I’ve tried and tried to dig my own way out of this, knowing full well that I couldn’t.  Nevertheless, pride, which reigned supreme in my being, demanded this of me, and I could not, in the least relieve myself from a most distressing state of being.  Prayer didn’t seem to help, of course, because I was hanging on to much more than a shred of self-pity; and, as I’ve said before, sinful pride.

Having been awakened from my idiocy by the grace of God.  I’ve come to God the Father in repentance, and by faith to the Lord Jesus Christ.  Not that I hadn’t come to him in a pseudo manner many times before.  But, I always brought a notion of solution to my problems, and some kind of a plan before.  E.i., I’d do this or do that, and by so doing drag myself out of the muck.  Let me tell you!  It doesn’t work that way.  God is the One who works all things after His Own will.  He’s the One who knows the end from the beginning, and  has purposed it all out.  He has spoken to my heart to leave all of my “wonderful” solutions, and wait for him in prayerful expectation.  He has lifted me, once again, out of the cesspool, and set my feet on the Rock, who is Himself.

Oh, how I long to serve Him, not as in the recent past, in a muck of uncertainty; but, rather in newness of life.  Can one be renewed at the near age of 80 and still be used as an instrument in God’s hands.  I’m counting on it.  Not as before, with some puffed up idea that God’s really lucky to have somebody like me; but with the knowledge that God can take the dregs of society (that’s me!), and use them for His glory.  How blessed I am.  I wanted to share this with my family, and with all of you, my friends.

My intended “modus operandi”  is the fruit of the Spirit found in Galatians 5:22; and of course, I realize, this is “All of Grace.”

From a sinner who has been rescued by grace,




All of Grace

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