LOOK ALL ABOUT YOU, AND CONTEMPLATE THIS:  Has the world with all of its advancements in education become a safer place because of learning?  If you’re honest you’ll say “no.”  Why not?  Because all of the knowledge that humankind has acquired, cannot effect a change in human hearts.  We are sinners by nature, and God in the Lord Jesus Christ is the only one with an answer to that dilemma.  Indeed, He is the One who by His Life, by His death, and by His resurrection, proved Himself to be both Lord and Savior.  You and I, by faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, can make a change in the world: and we who are saved by grace through faith are the only ones who can.

With all of our knowledge, we can never become people with renewed spirits, and clean hearts, except we come in repentance to God the Father, and by faith to the Lord Jesus Christ (2 Timothy 3:7; Jeremiah 17:9; 1 Timothy 1:15).

In 2 Corinthians 5:17-21, we are told, as new creations in Christ, exactly what we need to do.  We are to share the Gospel, so that others may be reconciled to God and too become new creations; and so our revival spreads: By faith to faith (Romans 1:16,17).

Therefore, I plead with you, by the mercies of Almighty God, that if you’ve never before trusted in Jesus Christ, you will do so today.  If you are a Christian, I pray that you will go out as an ambassador for the Lord Jesus, and win souls to Him.

From a sinner saved by grace, with peace, and love, and grace to all,

Bill Biza


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