I watched what is passed off for a presidential debate this evening.  I saw two people obviously in love with themselves in a most disturbing and inordinate way, blow off for approximately 1 and 1/2 hours, saying and accomplishing very little.

What disturbs me most, is that these two are running for the highest office in a land that has for its motto, “In God We Trust,” yet neither mentioned trusting in God.  Why is this?  Is it because they don’t trust in God?  Or is it that they don’t want to emphasize what the people no longer want to hear?  Or is it perhaps a little bit of both?

Is there anyone out there, who would run for president on the “Trust in God” ticket?  If so, please stand up.

It was emphasized by one of the candidates that our nation is in deep trouble; and only he knows how to fix things up.  The other emphasized that we were in worse trouble; but her party fixed things up already, and only she can keep it that way.  Frankly, I will vote; but am not happy with the choices we’re given.  Neither impresses me as a Godly person.

I would be thrilled to hear someone run for that office, and say, “I’m running for president, and I’m scared stiff.  I have no absolute answers and solutions for the problems that confront this nation; but I will trust in God, and I beg for your prayers.”

In all of this, I’m glad to know that we have a God who works all things out according to His own will, and that, He it is, who rules in the affairs of mankind.  Does that mean I’m advocating us not doing all we can, and, in fact,  our utmost?  Absolutely not!  We should work as if it all depends on us; but pray as if it all depends on God; because it really does.

With love in Christ for all, from a sinner saved by grace,







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