When is Jesus coming?  No one knows; but He is one day nearer to coming than He was yesterday.  Is that not so?

Today we may hear His voice, and the sound of the trumpet, and may see Him descending in clouds to the earth, as it says in the Scripture.  The question for me is:  Am I ready?  The question for every one of you is the same.  Are you ready to meet the Son of God?

To be ready to meet Him as one who belongs to Him, you must come to God the Father in repentance, and to the Lord Jesus Christ by faith (Acts 20:21).  Can you do that?  Of course you can:  Simply believe in Him.  Throw away; cast off; set aside any notions of science falsely so called, and call on Him to save you.  The world, which is in the grasp of Satan, will tell you that you are unscientific, nonintellectual, and every other negative thing they can possibly think up, to keep you from believing in Jesus.

I’ve been told that those who are anxiously waiting for the second coming of Christ, are hoping that He will fix things on earth.  That’s not so, and misses the point by many miles.  Jesus isn’t coming to “fix” the mess the world is in.  He’s coming for His own, the saved, the redeemed; those that He purchased with His own blood (Ephesians 1:1-12).  In light of that, is it foolish to be longing for His return?  Of course not; rather, we are to look for His return with hope and expectancy!

So, I urge you, even as I remind myself:  be faithful, be diligent, be ready!  For in such a time that you think not, He will come!

With love, from a sinner saved by grace,





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