How can we say, with any semblance of logic and truth, that “Love never fails?”  You may say, “Well, it says that in God’s Word, and therefore, it must be so.”  Now, that may be enough for souls already in Christ; but, for those who don’t yet know Him, some defining of words, and further explanation is necessary.

E. g., it’s necessary to know, that in the Koine Greek language, the language in which the New Testament of God’s Word was originally written, that there are three words that are all translated “love” (There are actually more, but they aren’t necessary for us to consider at this time).  They are: “Agape,” the love with which God loves His children, and the love with which Christians love their fellow humans; “Phileo,” the love with which humans love others who are like them (Brotherly love); and “Eros,” the erotic and superficial love that involves sexual immorality, including adultery.  The “Love that never fails” is “Agape,” the love with which God loves His children, and the love with which God’s children love others.

Agape is, for all of my intent and purpose, an action word.  It is, by way of definition, a word that means giving people what they need, but not necessarily what they want.  That’s how God loves His children;  He gives us what we need, but not always what we want; because we are prone to want what isn’t good for us.  It follows then, that the people who belong to God, and emulate His example, will do as He does:  Giving the Gospel to the lost; food to the hungry; clothing to the naked; shelter to the homeless; medical help to the sick; and prayers for all people, that they will be blessed by the True and Living God.  If we, as a Godly people do this, we will be fulfilling God’s command, to “Love our neighbors as ourselves.”

You may ask:  “Where does emotional feeling come into play in your definition of love?”  I will answer you in this way:  Give yourself over into God’s hands by receiving Christ, believing in Him as Lord and Savior, and you will see.  He will give you a love for people, and compassion for others, that you didn’t realize you could have.  That’s where emotion comes into play.  The emotion that is from God to the believer’s heart; with an indefatigable desire to do what is best for anyone at all times.

To sum this all up:  Love never fails, if it’s the love that Jesus loves His own with, and subsequently, the love with which we, Christ’s own, love others.  May we live this way for His sake.

As ever, with love from a sinner saved by grace,







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