Misguided? Or totally depraved?

We had a discussion in our Sunday School Class yesterday (7/31/16).  We discussed the atrocity of three hoodlums entering a Catholic Church and killing an 86 year old priest by slitting his throat.  The reaction of the Catholic Church was that we should pray for “Misguided Souls.”  I believe that to merely say that these people are “misguided souls” is to miss the mark by a wide margin.

That they are misguided, there is little doubt; but that doesn’t come near to the term “totally depraved,” which is the definition most Christian thinkers give to the description that the Apostle Paul (by inspiration of the Holy Spirit) gives to the human condition in Romans 3:9-20.  “What is wrong with someone who would do such a terrible thing,” we well may ask?  Why, they are lost souls, not merely misguided; and to define them as “misguided” is to miss the mark considerably.

What is my purpose in making this distinction?  It is this:  Let us define things as God defines them in His Holy Word!  Let us realize that we need to get back to Biblical thinking, and stop trying to be wiser than God.  Let us realize that apart from reconciliation to God through the work of Jesus Christ on the cross that mankind is undone!  We are a people of unclean lips, and we all dwell in the midst of a people of unclean lips.  Without Jesus Christ, we are no better than savage beasts, as is evidenced in the killing of that elderly priest, and the many others who are murdered every day.  Yes, those who are in the clutch of Satan are undoubtedly “misguided;” but it goes far beyond that.  They are without Christ! They don’t believe in Him, and love the darkness rather than the light.

So let’s stop attempting to be politically correct in our definitions!  Let’s get back to thinking, living, and speaking Biblically!  People may be misguided in many things; but when they do murder, it’s because they are without Christ, reprobate, and children of the Devil.  Read the New Testament!  Jesus Christ has defined these things for us in His teaching.  We do Him an injustice  when we try to be wiser than He!

As ever, with love from a sinner saved by grace,



Misguided? Or totally depraved?

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