Are you one for whom the Lord Jesus suffered and died?  You may ask: How can I know that I am?  The answer is: When you hear the gospel proclaimed, and your heart is stirred to believe on Jesus Christ, your may be sure that you belong to Him.

There are many who would make becoming a Christian much more difficult than that; but they are wrong!  They are of those who have gotten the cart before the horse.  Rather than realizing that good works and faithfulness to a body of believers is the result of believing, and thereby being saved; they believe that doing those things is what saves them.  When they do that, they trample on the salvation that Jesus freely gives to those who believe in Him: To those who hate the darkness, and come to the light (John 3:14-21.

To become a Christian, one must first realize that he or she is a lost sinner (Romans 3:23).  If you know in your heart that you are indeed a sinner, then God has begun His work in you.

After the Holy Spirit convicts you of sin, you will be drawn by irresistible grace, to repent of your sins, and come by faith to Jesus Christ.  No one has to lead you step by step through any process.   You may be in the presence of others when God calls you to repent and believe, or you may be alone.

If you are in a church at this time, and in the presence of believers, follow the Lord in believer’s baptism at that time if possible.  If you are alone, seek out a Bible believing church, and witness to them what has happened to you.  They will encourage you to be baptized.

Be faithful in church attendance.  Study the Bible.  The Holy Spirit will have come to live in you; seek the guidance of God in prayer daily.  Learn how to communicate the gospel, and be involved in the ministry of reconciliation for the sake of others who are lost 2 (Corinthians 5:17-21).

Keep a short account with God!  When you sin, confess it immediately (1 John 1:8,9).

I would like to hear from you, and have fellowship with you in whatever way may be possible for us to do so.  My name is Bill Biza;  Mailing address 834B, Sidney, OH 45365;  email address biza.bill747@gmail.com.

Some advice for beginning Bible Study:  Read John’s gospel.  Pray as you read.  If something seems difficult, ask God’s help.  Read slowly, and pray what you read back to God.  Think about how you might communicate what you’ve learned to someone else.  When you finish John, go on through the rest of the New Testament.  Then read the Old Testament as well. Be involved in the ministry of your Bible believing church.  Make friends of  God’s children.

A PRAYER:  Almighty God, Father, Savior, and Comforter:  Bless all those who have come to faith in Jesus Christ this day.  Keep them by Your Sovereign power.  Instruct and teach them, and guide them in the Way of Jesus Christ.  In Jesus’ precious and holy name, Amen!

From one who is absolutely a sinner saved by grace.  Bill







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