THE ANSWER TO THE QUESTION ASKED ABOVE IS NO!  We are way past that place in our country’s history.  The time of God’s judgment has come to the USA.  We’re about to see a reversal of the affluence that we’ve enjoyed from the end of World War 2.  God has allowed enemies from without and within to bring us to a place of utter stupidity in our political processes.  In the light of that, do you really think politics is going to deliver us from our spiritual, ethical, and moral dilemma?  Personally, I think not!

By saying what I said about the political process, I don’t mean that all politicians are stupid. However, there are good ones and those not so good, and the process itself is in absolute chaos because of the words “politically correct.”  Those words to me mean a lack of commitment, a refusal to trust in God, a lack of morals and ethics, and charity only for show, so others can see it.  O, and did I mention we must be silent if we are Christians.  We dare not speak forth the Word of God in an enthusiastic manner, or we may end up in jail.  That, as far as I can see, is a result of people using the political process, the US Constitution, and our country’s safeguards of the three varied branches of the government in an improper way, with the Judicial branch making laws, rather than judging the laws that have been made by the Legislative branch.  No, unless there is a change in the hearts of a significant number of our citizens, putting a lot of stock in politics will be like beating a dead horse.  You’ll get no positive results.

Meanwhile, what about Jesus?  Is He really Lord and Savior?  Is He really King of Kings and Lord of Lords.  Is it true that He created all things, and without Him nothing was created that has been created?  The Bible says those things are so.  So I’ve decided to let the politicians do their jobs, and I’ll do mine.  My job is to work, pray, and witness to bring about a spiritual revival in this country.  That’s what Jesus is all about.  He’s about the business of gathering all the souls that He died for to repentance toward God the Father, and by faith to Jesus Christ Himself.  We who are in a local {church}, (translated,  from the Greek word ekklesia, and meaning a called out assembly), have been called out by the gospel, through the power of the Holy Spirit to faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.  In turn, we are to be engaged in the ministry of reconciliation, using everything at our disposal (that has been given us by God), to call others to faith in Jesus Christ.  The church realizing and returning to this express purpose is called revival.  The church grows when this happens, and declines (as at the present time), when we turn to worldly practices.

Hear the Word of God in Ephesians 1:10: “That in the dispensation of the fulness of times he (God the Father) might gather all things in Christ, which are in heaven and which are on earth; even in him.”  Now, that is God’s supreme purpose; and it’s what we should be about in union with Him.  Read 2 Corinthians 5, and learn all you need to know about the “ministry of reconciliation,” and being Christ’s ambassador.  If that won’t float your boat, it’s because you have a hole in the hull!

You hear lots of preachers say something like this: “Nowhere in the Bible does it say there will be a spiritual awakening in the latter days.”  Conversely, neither does it say anywhere that there won’t be a spiritual awakening!  Read Ephesians, Colossians, Hebrews, and Revelation, slowly, and prayerfully, if you want to get a good grasp on Christology; i.e.,  get real knowledge of just who Christ is, and a true sense of how powerful He really is; and, how  He can and will save all He died to save: His elect;  His chosen; every last one!  “Bring the wondering ones to Jesus!”

O God, our Father, our Savior and Lord, our Comforter and Teacher:  Send revival to us!  Indeed, to the entire world!  Gather in your elect to the very last, and usher in Your Kingdom in its fulness!  This we ask in the sweet and sovereign name of Jesus Christ!  Amen!.

As ever with love, from a sinner saved by grace.




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