On June 21, Joyce and I will have been married 57 years, and I’ll be 78 years old.  I was 21 the day we were married in 1959.  I’ve always liked to say that I became, legally, my own boss, and forfeited that privilege on the same day.  That makes me 78 years old, as of the 21st, Lord willing.

As one who has limited education (my own choice), I’m thankful to God that He has put within my heart the desire to teach, preach, write, and make music, concerning the Word of God.  Along with that desire, He has made His call to me to do these things abundantly clear.  Undoubtedly, all of those things that God has called me to do, could have been, and would still be enhanced by a formal education in the same.  Nevertheless, I am who I am by the grace of God, and well satisfied with this fact alone: that I am His and He is mine.  God has a way of using the weakest of vessels of clay for His glory; and the knowledge of that is a great comfort to me.

This morning I did some looking into the history of my blogs, and was surprised to find that I have 66 followers.  Some are from foreign countries.  I realize that my blogs, which are almost entirely evangelistic in nature, may be painful to some of my dearest friends, and perhaps even some of my family.  However, I’m obligated to write what God, the Holy Spirit lays on my heart to write.  Never would I want to, by my demeanor, make people sad or angry.  Yet, I believe that God’s chief attribute is His sovereignty.  When God is put in front, a lot of the ideas of people, and the zeitgeist of our age, and the traditions of many years, must take second place, behind God and His Holy Word.  It is quite natural when you write in that vein, that all will not be happy or pleased with what you write.  Does that mean I’m always right on with what I say?  Absolutely not!  But, I always intend to be honest in regard to listening to God, and to be entirely truthful, insofar as God by His grace, gives me ability to discern the truth.

It’s much easier to try to tickle everyone’s ear.  These are what I term as the feel goody writers.  Religious Newspaper and magazine articles are almost totally of that kind; and the I’m okay your okay “Christian” psychologists dominate Christian radio programming.  It’s easier to write when you stay away from doctrine; but in reality, it isn’t nearly as edifying.

To sum this up, when I write I’m seeking neither favor no disfavor, but rather the truth. That’s most certainly not “politically correct;” but I’m convinced it’s what God would have me do.

As ever, with love and prayers for all from a sinner saved by grace,




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