There are myriads of ways to approach what is defined as “Christianity”, as it has evolved over the centuries since the true “Way” was determined by the Trinity before the foundation of the World; established by the Lord Jesus Christ; and then perpetuated by the apostles and subsequent Bible believers until now.

Those who are most astute at detailing the many “denominations” with their various ideologies, theologies, and idiosyncrasies, are the atheists and agnostics.  They have made this their particular business, to show how divided Christianity has become.  In actuality, nothing could be farther from the truth.  There are definitely many divisions between people who hold the various erroneous views of what is termed Christianity; but few indeed among those who may be called “Bible believing Christians,” and none that are worth mentioning.  Therefore, I maintain that the “differences”  spoken of by the enemies of Christianity as it’s revealed in Scripture, are mainly differences in unbelievers masquerading as Christians: Some of whom have been deceived; and some who are charlatans.  It would be tedious and unprofitable to go into detail in regard to various cults and sects, both small and great in size and worldly influence.  Therefore, rather, I will mention only three broad possibilities that cover the entire spectrum of Christian belief.  I realize that this will be deemed less than scholarly, among those who are “always learning, and never able to arrive at a knowledge of the truth” (2 Timothy 3:7).  Concerning them, I couldn’t care less.  Those who have “ears to hear,” will hear,  and it’s they that I’m interested in reaching with the truth.

  1.  One may hook up with a particular denomination, become astute in communicating the traditions and doctrines of that particular denomination (whatever it may be), and hang on like a pit bull to those erroneous beliefs.  These denominations, though they may vary somewhat, are essentially the same, and come from the same root of false Christianity.  They espouse a works salvation, a belief that those converted to the cause must remain faithful (to the church, its traditions and its teachings) or they can be lost again.  Reference to the Bible will only be in an attempt to solidify belief in a tradition, or long held man-made doctrine.

2.  Or one may join a mega church of no distinct doctrine.  Their modus operandi                          will center on recruitment rather than redemption, with a short and all encompassing            statement of faith.  More emphasis is put on fellowship than spiritual foundation.

3.  The last is Bible Christianity, the “faith once for all delivered to the saints” (Jude 1:3). It is the gospel as preached by Christ and the apostles.  It is salvation by grace alone; through faith alone; in Jesus Christ alone as He is revealed in the Bible.  For this “Faith once for all delivered to the saints,” we must give glory to God alone.  Jesus Christ is the “Founder and Perfecter” of this faith (Hebrews 12:2).  It is Bible faith built upon our Lord Jesus Christ Himself!

As I said before, those who have ears to hear, will hear; and will come in repentance to God the Father; and by faith to the Lord Jesus Christ.

With love, from a heinous sinner, saved by grace,







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