that is, to whom we may go to for help in times like these?  He had some extremely hard things to say to his disciples in John 6th chapter.  Many of them, because they couldn’t reconcile what He was saying with what they knew was right, went away.  He turned to the twelve and said, “Will you also go away?”  Peter answered, “Lord, to whom would we go?  You have the words of eternal life, and we have believed, and have come to know, that you are the Holy One of God” (John 6″68,69).

And so it is yet today.  There are many places that people go to find answers to the world’s dilemmas; but the Only One who has answers for our problems now, or for eternity, is the Lord Jesus Christ.

Are you looking for answers in the world of politics?  Turn on your TV and witness what is passed off for political debate.  Did you ever see such a senseless fiasco.  People calling one another names, and behaving like first graders.  Actually, that’s an insult to first graders.  Most of them have more courtesy toward one another than the political candidates have for anyone.  I’ve noticed that most of them (not all, but most) may look for answers anywhere, except in God’s Word.  Why, if they did that, it would be politically incorrect; and after all, politics is what it’s all about.  You take Donald Trump for instance.  His initials are D. T.  I think of D. T., i. e., delirious tremens, a condition caused by excessive abuse of alcohol.  Is it mere coincidence that Trump’s initials are the same?  After all, they both cause tremors, anxiety, and hallucinations (my tongue is in my cheek).

Now, in absolute seriousness, look to the Lord Jesus Christ.  He brings light, and peace, and hopeful assurance.  Light to dispel the darkness that shrouds the world and its systems; peace to still the anxious and troubled heart in times like these; and hopeful assurance to all who call upon His Name, realizing that salvation is by grace through faith.

Yours, with love for the Lord Jesus, and all of you,

A sinner saved by grace,





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