“Water, water everywhere; but nary drop to drink.”  

Those words are from the Rime of the Ancient Mariner, by Samuel Coleridge.  On Saturday last, March 19, 2016, I heard a missionary to Liberia speak.  He told how there was an abundance of water in Liberia; but virtually none that was safe to drink.  Immediately I thought that possibly, if I commit myself to the task, with the help of others who have worked in water treatment, we might be able to help this country (that was originally a colony of the USA), have safe water.  This would eliminate most of the physical diseases that plague the Liberian people.

Lack of water isn’t the only thing that troubles Liberia.  Although there are many Christians there, their Christianity is mixed with their old religion, and all of its bugaboos.  Ancestor worship, and belief in evil spirits are prevalent.  The people are more likely to go to a witch doctor for treatment for an illness, than they are to an educated and trained medical doctor, even if one is available.

Immediately this morning, as I meditated on these things, my thoughts went to the “Woman at the Well,” in the fourth chapter of John.  She could draw water from a well; but like the Liberian people, it wasn’t the water she needed most.  Jesus told her, speaking of the water in the well: “Whoever drinks of this water will thirst again.  But whoever drinks of the water that I shall give him shall never thirst; but the water that I shall give him shall be in him a well of water springing up to everlasting life.”  This most important water, the water of eternal life, is primarily what the missionaries in Liberia are trying to give the people.

How about us?  In the USA we have an abundance of both kinds of water; both the physical kind, and the spiritual.  Do we truly thank God for the abundance of clean, potable water in the United States; and, far more important and miraculous, that we can go to many different churches and here the message of salvation by grace through faith in Jesus Christ?   I dare not dwell on these things any longer, without doing something about it.  My thought and hope of being mentally (educationally) and physically able to help the people of Liberia to obtain safe earthly water may be merely a grandiose dream.  If that is so (and I’m going to pray fervently about that possibility), then I’ll support the effort of others anyway I can, and invite others who may be so inclined, to do the same.

David and Gina Rawls are serving of God with the Hope 2 Liberia Mission.  They are graduates of the Great Lakes Christian College and David is a graduate of Cincinnati Bible Seminary as well.  Their address follows:

Dave and Gina Rawls, 1010 Centenial Avenue, Muncie Indiana 47303.  Phone: 765.730.3115  Email:

Please pray for Dave and Gina, and for Liberia as well!

Yours for the sake of the Lord Jesus, and His wonderful Gospel.

A sinner saved by grace, Bill





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