If a guy’s got any brains, he’ll listen to his wife.  The other day, I asked Joyce about my blog, and without hesitation she said, “That’s not blogging, that’s preaching, and nobody wants to read it.  Besides, I hear you preach all the time, at home, in Sunday School, and anywhere else we go.”

So, considering that virtually no one has made favorable comment on my blogs in the thirteen I’ve posted so far, I thought I just might lighten up a little bit.  After all, a merry heart does do good like a medicine, doesn’t it? (Proverbs 17:22)

That’s about it for now.  Just wanted everyone to know that I’ve got some brains (see Paragraph 1).  However, that doesn’t change, in the least, my desire to get the Word of God to people who need to hear it.  My advice to everyone is still this:  Read John’s Gospel.  Pray about it!  Digest it!  And then, tell others what’s in it.

From a sinner saved by grace,

Bluegill Bill


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